English Language Arts

Making Conections

In this episode, Mrs. Pingel teaches students how to make text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections using a newspaper article. During self-selected reading, Julia goes into her book (Solo Girl by Andrea Davis Pinkney), where she is able to help a character named Cass by making connections.

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Teach your students to listen with the power of public radio! Listenwise makes it easy to bring authentic voices and compelling non-fiction stories to the classroom. Listenwise curates the best of public radio to keep teaching connected to the real world and build student listening skills at the same time.

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PBS LearningMedia

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100K+ Resources. PBS LearningMedia offers teachers more than 100,000 videos, images, interactives, lesson plans and articles drawn from critically acclaimed PBS programs such as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and Sid the Science Kid, and from expert content contributors like The National Archives and NASA. 

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Mrs. Pingel uses dance to introduce her students to the strategy of inferring. When the class receives letters from their Canadian pen pals, Lizzy realizes she needs to infer to understand hers. She soon finds herself inside a letter filled with humor and adventure. She later uses inferring to solve a mystery in her own attic.2

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Wisconsin Biographies Series

Wisconsin Biographies

Wisconsin's history is filled with rich and vibrant characters whose contributions to society extend beyond the borders of the state and continue to resonate today. These short animated videos tell their stories, focusing on their impact and awakening students' appetites to learn more.

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Talespinners Collection Series

Talespinners Collection

Each short film in the Talespinners Collection is based on an acclaimed cross-cultural children's book. The stories explore a range of multicultural themes: identity, diversity, belonging, traditions and ceremonies, learning to fit in, the value of principles, and convictions.

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