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Photo of dad and child with coins and piggy bank

Hear what second grade teacher Gwen Pavelski has to say about using Money Moments to help prepare her daughter for the future.

Help your children become financially responsible! Here are 10 things to talk about with
your child or teen.

Did you know that what you do in school now affects how much money you make when you grow up?
It’s true! Yup, you could get a job right out of high school, but the more time you invest in your education, the higher your salary when you’re finally done with school. Check out the “income and education” link!
Do know why you’ll be richer in the long run if you learn the habit of saving now?
It doesn’t matter if it’s only a dollar a week, good saving habits last a lifetime. Some of the richest people in the world started out managing their allowance, too!
Did you know that when you invest money, your MONEY starts to work for you… even when you’re not working?
If you want to buy a puppy, you save for it. If it’s something you have to pay for a bit further down the road, then we start talking about investing! It’s a way to help your money grow for the really important BIG things in your future, like a college education.
Why on earth should you think about insurance?
Do you have stuff you care about? Do you have body parts you’d really miss if they stopped working? Well, that’s what insurance is for. Protecting your stuff - and yourself, from unexpected hardships.
Why do we have to pay taxes?
How much did you have to pay the last time you went to the park? The library? How about when you rode your bike down a smooth stretch of sidewalk. What did that cost? Well, a little bit of all the money you earn goes to pay for the stuff that our whole community uses!
Do you know how to keep track of your money?
You’ve been saving for a while now, and you have enough to buy that rad pair of high-tops TODAY. But what about when snowboarding season starts and you need a new parka? Planning ahead, or budgeting, can help you get the stuff you want! It also makes you think about ways to make your money last longer!
How can a bank or credit union help keep your money safe, and help it grow?
Did you ever notice that when a wad of money is sitting on the counter, you just want to spend it NOW? You’d never think of withdrawing five bucks from the bank to get giant fries and a soda, right? Banks and credit unions can keep your money safe while you’re saving and they can help you with budgeting, too! Debit cards, checkbooks, and interest-earning accounts… they have tons of tools to help you meet your goals.
How do you figure out what is the best way for YOU to spend your money?
You’ve just GOT to have that mp3 player. Well, it looks cool, right? So what do you need? What do you want? What’s the difference and what happens when you blow your money on something you want, and don’t have enough left to get what you need? Hmm…
What happens when you spend more money than you have?
Oops… borrowed some cash from mom to cover a Saturday at the waterpark. Did it again at the mall. Whether it’s your mom’s wallet or a charge card, spending more than you actually have leads to debt. What does it mean to be a kid with debt? How does early debt set you up for a lifetime of tricky financial decisions?
Why is it important to think about things like charities?
You care about homeless kittens. You care about cleaning up polluted lakes. How much are those things worth to you? Budgeting for a cause and thinking about ways you can “give back” to your community are important steps to personal financial literacy.

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