Standard E: Becoming a Critical Consumer
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Students in Wisconsin will know and use available consumer resources and make responsible choices by applying economic principles in their consumer decisions.

Students Will:
E.1 - Understand the impact of contextual factors associated with consumer decision making. (e.g., social, historical, political, family, cultural, philosophical).

E.2 - Investigate the purposes, strategies, and effects of various business practices, including sales schemes or scams.

E.3 - Understand the cost of interest rates and fees associated with financial services.

E.4 - Understand that verbal contracts are as binding as written agreements.

E.5 - Identify sources of consumer protection and assistance including public institutions and private organizations (professionals, publications, and internet). financial decisions related to planning, saving, and investing.

E.6 - Examine critically the impact of socio-cultural norms and demographics related to money, saving, and spending.

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