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Designed to encourage school districts to develop programs focused on the importance of understanding cultural differences and issues, and the impact it will have on students' future success—Global Wisconsin makes the case that international education is both essential to students and easily integrated into current teaching practices.

In addition to nine short documentaries, Global Wisconsin's Valuing International Education provides testimonials from education, business, and community leaders highlighting the growing need to engage the international community.



  • Advisory Committee
  • Valuing International Education
  • Series Participants
  • Content - DPI
  • Production – WPT
  • Project Management - ECB

Advisory Committee Members

Sandy Brauer, Principal, North Woods Elementary School
Jose Carrillo, Education Advocate
Gerhard Fischer, International Education and World Languages Consultant, DPI
Kris McDaniel, Social Studies Consultant, DPI
Victoria Rydberg, Environmental Education Consultant, DPI
Paul Sandrock, Associate Director - Professional Development, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Doug Savage, Assistant Director – Institute of World Affairs, UW-Milwaukee
Lynn Sessler Neitzel, President, WAFLT-Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers
Jane Thompson, Dean, Janesville Academy for International Studies
Stephanie Waite, Teacher, Racine Unified School District

Valuing International Education

Janel Anderson, Teacher, Lodi High School
Mikel Bilkey, Mayor of Lodi
Vince Breunig, Principal, Lodi High School
Tony Evers, Wisconsin State Superintendent
Jorge Fuentes, Director of International Sales, Hufcor
Matt Gibson.  Superintendent, Elmbrook School District
Robert Kobylski, Superintendent, Menasha School District
Jay Lokken, Director, UW - Lacrosse Office of International Education
Mike McKinnon, Retired Curriculum director, Janesville
Heather Rosene, Teacher, Logan Middle School, Lacrosse
Mike Shimshak, Former Superintendent, Lodi School District
Miles Turner, Executive Director, WASDA

Series Participants

Badger High School, Lake Geneva, students, staff, and families
Bruce Guadalupe Schools and United Community Center students, Milwaukee, staff, and families
Golda Meir Elementary School, Milwaukee, students, staff, and families
Janesville School District students, staff, and families
Ko-thi Dance Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Korie Klink, Executive Director, Children are the Hope
Lacrosse School District students, staff, and families
Lodi School District students, staff, and families
Menasha School District students, staff, and families
Plymouth Comprehensive High School students, staff, Laura, Layla, and families