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At North Woods International and Hamilton schools in La Crosse, Wisconsin, students as young as six years old get an in-depth look at life in China—while meeting the demands of a robust core curriculum.
Global Competency Focus:
Investigate the world: Young children come to the classroom with a vivid curiosity about the world around them. Providing them with concrete examples and living images of people and cultures from across the globe can have a lasting impact on their lives. Join Sandy Brauer and the teachers at Hamilton and North Woods Elementary as they provide revealing insight into the life and culture of the people of China. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
How to get started:  
Sandy Brauer says:
Students develop global competence easily at this young age, when their minds are most open to new learning and ideas. At North Woods International, we accomplish this by approaching the core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies from an international perspective. International service learning projects also help students further extend and apply their education to enrich the lives of others around the world.

For more information on getting started, contact Sandy Brauer