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Popularized as an international symbol of peace, Korie Klink incorporates images of the crane as part of a Cuban exchange program. Elementary students from Wisconsin and Cuba share art and ideas, and build relationships between two cultures divided more by ideology than distance.

Global Competency Focus:    
Recognize Perspectives: Schools must look for outside resources to meet educational goals. Watch as fourth grade students at Lodi Elementary, with help from Korie Klink, reach beyond politics to engage children from two separate worlds in an exchange of hope. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
How to get started:  
Brenda Autz says:
While larger, long-term projects are important, it's the little things you can do daily that can have a huge impact on your students. For instance, each day I address my class with a greeting from a different country. I tell them if they meet someone from another country it is so wonderful and thoughtful for that person to hear their language. For example I say "Bonjour" and they reply, "Bonjour Mrs. Autz." I ask them where this greeting is shared and they in turn come up with countries where French is spoken and find those countries on the map. Most importantly we discuss that there are more similarities than differences among the people of the world no matter where they are on the map.

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