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Join Mark Horowitz and his fourth grade students from Golda Meir Elementary School as they prepare to leave Milwaukee and embark on an extraordinary journey to Denmark for a two-week cultural experience they'll never forget.
Global Competency Focus:
Investigate the World: The students at Golda Meir Elementary immerse themselves in a year-long educational experience—studying core subjects through a different lens. Discover how Mark Horowitz prepares his students for their once-in-a-lifetime journey to Denmark through music and art—and a new perspective on the fundamentals. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
How to get started:
Mark Horowitz says:
"I was very careful to choose a host country for our visit that would be safe for our children. Denmark topped the list with its low crime rate and safe communities. The people speak English very well, helping to bridge communication gaps as we spend a year learning Danish. The project is an outstanding experience for our students in many ways—from learning about cultural differences to developing respect, understanding and an interest in different cultures. The students choose to participate in the program, and are highly motivated and hard-working—and the experience allows them to grow up in many ways, becoming more independent and self-directed."

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