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Music and the arts play an important role for new generations of Latino Americans as they connect with the heritage and history of the places their families once called home.
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Communicate Ideas: Communication and collaboration—key components of EdSteps' Global Competence Matrix—take center stage as viewers experience a culture preserving its history and heritage through music and art. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
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Dinorah Marquez says:
"Have a clear understanding of the community and cultures you are working with. Make sure to incorporate music and cultural elements from those cultures in the learning process. We create collaborations with other arts organizations that will bring students from different ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds together. In this manner our students enter into a much larger world than the one they know as immigrant children or as children of immigrants. Through their hard work students develop excellence, discipline, self-confidence and poise. As they share their talents they gain acceptance, admiration, and support from others. They become ambassadors of their culture and their community. In so doing, they help the greater community rid itself of negative stereotypes. They integrate into the larger community without losing their cultural roots."

For more information on Bruce Guadalupe Schools, contact the United Community Center