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The Janesville Academy for International Studies' approach to education emphasizes global literacy and independent study—empowering students to pursue their interests while maintaining a demanding academic schedule.
Global Competency Focus:   
Investigate the World: Through a comprehensive project-based learning approach, students are empowered to pursue global interests and issues of importance. Jane Thompson and the staff at the Janesville Academy for International Studies mentor some of the most motivated high school students in Wisconsin—or anywhere. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
How to get started:  
Jane Thompson says:
"Look for local resources. It's amazing what you will find—our communities have so many free resources and connections through various networks and friends from around the world. In addition, UW Outreach Centers can be a tremendous source of expertise, ideas and resources. "Objectives, standards, and curriculum" don't drive what we do—rather than looking at "Standard #1" and figuring out how to create a lesson to accomplish it, we take content and use it to address the standards. In doing so, we are able to blend diverse resources, global perspectives, local expertise and so much more."

For more information on getting started, contact Jane Thompson