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Follow along as Laura (Hessen, Germany) and Layla (Plymouth, Wisconsin) share ideas, schools, families—and the experience of a lifetime—through this inspiring year-long exchange program.
Global Competency Focus:   
Take Action: Layla and Laura wanted to see the world up close and personal—and through a unique exchange program, each student experiences life and learning across cultures for an entire school year. The journey takes viewers from Plymouth, Wisconsin, to Hessen, Germany, and examines the drive and dedication it takes to ensure a successful exchange experience. Download the EdSteps Global Competence Matrix.
How to get started:
Gerhard Fischer says:
"Encourage students to participate in short- or long-term student exchange programs. Contact me if your school is looking for a partner school, preferably in a country whose language you teach. Home-stay experiences, whether they are for two weeks or for an entire school year, change lives. Talk to parents and community members about the value of exchange programs, get their support, and build your school's world language and global education programs around personal contact with students and teachers in a partner school. Students who want to spend an entire year abroad can apply to many wonderful programs (check the Advisory List of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) at"

For more information on getting started, contact Gerhard Fischer