RtI Stories Technical Help

Q: Why can't I view the video?

A: Update your Flash Player. The video files on this website use the Flash Player. You will need Adobe Flash Player 9 or above to view the video.

Q: The video seems jerky—it keeps stopping and starting up again, but never plays for very long.

A: Your internet connection is probably too slow to keep up with the streaming video. You can pause the video and wait for it to buffer, then click Play again. Or, you may download the video and then watch it with no jerkiness. Just right-click (Ctrl-click) on the link below each video to download a high-quality .MP4 version of the video. Copyright guidelines may apply.

Q: Can I save the video to view later?

A: We have provided a download link under each video. Just right-click (Ctrl-click) on the link to download a high-quality .MP4 version of the video to view at a later time. Copyright guidelines may apply.

Q: Why doesn't the website look right?

A: This website is designed for Internet Explorer 7 or above, Safari, and Firefox. If you are running Internet Explorer 6 or below, please update your web browse to view this site correctly.

Q: Why can't I see the downloadable PDF documents?

A: Most of the downloads are .pdf files. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat reader to open these files. If your browser tries to open the pdf files but fails, you may want to disable the Adobe Acrobat plugin to allow Acrobat Reader to open the files directly.

Other technical questions?
Please contact Kristin Leglar or ecbwebmaster@ecb.org for further assistance.

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