In Pursuit Of A Dream

What would it be like to go back in time (with no cell phones, text messages, Twitter and Facebook or running water) and travel across the country just like the pioneers did? That's what 24 kids from across the US did for their summer vacation. Some had never been out of their home town EVER! Led by three amazing teachers, these new age "emigrants" trekked through Wyoming and north to Oregon on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that challenged even the toughest in the group. They traded their modern conveniences for long dresses and overalls, loaded their wagons and took off for adventure on the Oregon and California Trails. Along the way they met gold seekers, scoundrels and Native Americans. And while they learned about what made us a great nation as we moved west, they also learned about themselves and how the decisions they made could have serious and unexpected consequences for their group. Some made it, others did not. Join these kids in this docu-drama as they are challenged to find the right direction "In Pursuit of a Dream."

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