Series Credits

Helpful Teachers and School Districts:

The teachers and education professionals below served as content advisors for the series. On behalf of the Educational Communications Board (ECB) and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, we would like to thank these amazing education professionals for helping to bring this series to fruition.

Note: The teachers who contributed to this project were affiliated with the school districts listed below during the time this series was created.

Name School/Agency
Anita Alkhas University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Carrie Bergum Holmen High School
Pam Delfosse Madison Metropolitan School District
Jean Hindson University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Heather Lawnicki Edgewood High School
Mandy Madderom Waunakee Community School District
Mike McKinnon (Retired) Janesville Public School District
Terry Neumann-Hayes Hartland-Arrowhead School District
Paul Sandrock American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Jody Schneider Woodlands School
Lynn Sessler Menasha Joint School District
Tiffany Shields McFarland School District
JoAnn Tiedemann Madison Metropolitan School District
Monica Millen LaBonte University Lake School

Throughout Entire Series:
Series Hosts:
Pam Delfosse & Paul Sandrock (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)
Content Advisors: Anita Alkhas, Carrie Bergum, Pam Delfosse, Jean Hindson, Monica Millen LaBonte, Heather Lawnicki, Mandy Madderom, Mike McKinnon, Terry Neumann-Hayes, Paul Sandrock, Jody Schneider, Lynn Sessler, Tiffany Shields, JoAnn Tiedemann
Assessing Communication:
Interviewers: Jen Charles & Jean Hindson
Classroom Teachers: Terry Neumann-Hayes & Lisa Myhre
Special Thanks to: Hartland-Arrowhead School District & River Falls School District
Assessments for Learning:
Interviewers: Anita Alkhas & Pam Delfosse
Classroom Teachers: Karen Fowdy, Lisa Hendrickson & Jody Schneider
Special Thanks to: Danielle Pajot, Woodlands School (Milwaukee) & Monroe School District
Types of Assessment:
Interviewers: Mandy Madderom & Lynn Sessler
Classroom Teachers: Kari Flenz & Heather Lawnicki
Special Thanks to: Menasha Joint School District & Waunakee Community School District
Assessment Tools:
Interviewers: Susana Gorski & Lisa Hendrickson
Classroom Teachers: Cindy Ellestad & Lynn Sessler
Special Thanks to: Menasha Joint School District & Oregon School District
Technology in Assessment:
Interviewers: Jean Hindson & Terry Neumann-Hayes
Classroom Teachers: Jen Charles & Brian Wopat
Special Thanks to: Hartland-Arrowhead School District & Holmen School District
Assessing Cultural Competance:
Interviewer: Lynn Sessler
Classroom Teachers: Susana Gorski, Mandy Madderom & Gwen Nagel
Special Thanks to: Menasha Joint School District & Waunakee Community School District
Using Feedback in Assessment:
Interviewer: Tiffany Shields
Classroom Teachers: Jennifer Block, Jaci Collins & Kari Ewoldt
Special Thanks to: DePere School District & Manitowoc School District
Special thanks to our partners, without whom this series would not have been possible:

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