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Watch these professional development programs online and use the corresponding teacher resources to enrich your World Language curriculum. Wisconsin educators may also download these videos. Please visit, click Browse A-Z and choose World Language Assessment: Get in the Mode!

Assessing Communication   (14:50)

  • Lisa Showers (formerly Myhre) (French)
  • Terry Neumann-Hayes (Spanish)

Assessments for Learning  (14:43)

  • Jody Schneider (French)
  • Lisa Hendrickson & Karen Fowdy (Spanish & German)

Types of Assessment  (14:39)

  • Kari Flenz (German)
  • Heather Lawnicki (Spanish)

Assessment Tools  (14:44)

  • Lynn Sessler (Japanese)
  • Cindy Ellestad (Spanish)

Technology in Assessment  (14:29)
  • Brian Wopat (French)
  • Jen Charles (Spanish)

Assessing Cultural Competence  (14:23)
  • Susana Gorski (Spanish)
  • Gwen Nagel (Spanish)
  • Mandy Madderom (Spanish)
Using Feedback in Assessment  (14:46)
  • Jennifer Block (Spanish)
  • Kari Ewoldt (Spanish)
  • Jaci Collins (Japanese & French)